For research purposes, the Documentation Centre Hartheim collects all kinds of documents, objects and artefacts with a connection to the Nazi euthanasia, particularly in Hartheim Castle. The collections are stored and cared for in accordance with scholarly standards, and are continuously being expanded.

Personal effects

The personal effects of the victims (e.g. glasses, toiletries, religious symbols, porcelain), waste materials from the daily operations of the institution (pots and pans, bottles, cups), and construction materials from the demolition of the Nazi euthanasia centre (clay bricks, fragments of white and red tiles, remains of electrical appliances).


Photos from the history of the care home, from the Nazi era and from the renovation of Hartheim Castle in 1999–2003.


Collection of sources and documentation on the general history of the National Socialist euthanasia programmes “T4” and “14f13” with a particular focus on the history of the Nazi euthanasia centre Hartheim. These are mostly copies or microfilms, but there are also some originals of contemporary documents.

Biographical collection

The Documentation Centre Hartheim contains a collection of the personal documents and materials of the victims of the Nazi euthanasia that were provided to us by relatives and researchers.

Where the relatives gave us permission to do so, we also show these documents in the exhibition station “Life traces”, where the victims can once more be seen as individual people with the diverse life stories.

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