“Value of Life” Exhibition

The exhibition "Value of Life”, which opened in 2003, was closed in November 2019 and the renovation and construction of the new permanent exhibition began. A process of redesign had already started in 2017. On the one hand, the story of the previous exhibition should be taken up, but updated, sharpened and supplemented. With funding from the state of Upper Austria, this project was able to be implemented in the following years. Brigitte Kepplinger and Florian Schwanninger acted as curators, the design was taken over by Hans Kropshofer and Gerald Lohninger.

The focus of the exhibition “Value of Life. Dealing with the Useless“ is based on the life situation of disabled or mentally ill people in the period from the time of the Enlightenment to the present. The thematic common thread is how society deals with these people who have been and are defined as “useless”. Closely related to this are questions of how and by whom this definition is made, what ideas and discourses of standardization and optimization prevail, how attempts have been made to implement these in society and the state, and how approaches that are based on human rights, democracy and inclusion could be designed.