Educational Projects

Project: “Hartheim Castle, next door” (closed)

In cooperation with the education workers of Hartheim Castle – Place of Learning and Remembrance, a range of materials, educational methods and activities have been developed and trialled on the theme of the castle’s embeddedness in its social environment. The goal is to engage with the question of how society under National Socialism was linked with crime scenes. It aims to enable a deeper understanding of the historical events, placing the complex responsibility of the wider society in the centre.

In the medium and long term the plan is to take the approaches developed here and apply them in an international discussion project about the relationships between historic sites and memorial sites and their local surroundings. The central focus of this would be praxis observation, analysis and development laboratories that are intended to enable in-depth participation by contemporary local residents of the areas around memorial sites.

Project group “Inclusive remembrance” (closed)

The aim of this project group, which was established in 2018, is to create an educational programme in easily comprehensible language for people with learning difficulties visiting Hartheim Castle – Place for Learning and Remembrance. Representatives of the target group work alongside the staff of the Place for Learning and Remembrance in this project. The educational programme is also intended to be accessible for other people who have difficulties with the way language is conventionally used in institutions, for example people with a migrant background. In addition to a guided tour through the Place for Learning and Remembrance, the aim is also to develop preliminary and follow-up activities for a visit to Hartheim.