The tour brochure "Was geschah in Schloss Hartheim in der Nazi-Zeit?" (“What happened in Hartheim Castle during the Nazi era?”), published in 2018 and written in Leichte Sprache, provides an overview of the history of Hartheim Castle and the themes of the Memorial. The tour brochure "Wert des Lebens", published in 2021, provides an overview about the exhibition "Wert des Lebens" (Value of Life) in the first floor of Castle Hartheim, also in Leichte Sprache.

In 2017 the Place for Learning and Remembrance created a Braille tour brochure (on the Memorial and the exhibition) for blind and partially sighted people – including in an English translation.

Publications in Leichte Sprache are also available in the bookshop in the entrance area to the Place for Learning and Remembrance.