Information in Easy-to understand language, sign language and foreign languages

Understanding text is a prerequisite for participating in life independently.
In Austria, Germany and Switzerland alone, around 24 million people struggle with difficult-to-understand information.
Easy-to-understand language helps reverse this problem.
And what’s more: it offers added value for people learning German as a second or third language.
And it is also helpful for anyone who wants to get information quickly and easily.

With your smartphone you can get Easy-to unterstand information.
It is also available for sign language and the foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

You can find out more about the Proqualis experts who worked on this project under the menu item "The Text auditors".

How to get information in Easy-to-unterstand language, sign language and foreign languages

You can get information with a QR scanner or with the capito app.

Open a QR scanner on your smartphone.

Or: use the capito app:

  • Open the App Store and search “capito – Leicht Lesen” in the App Store.
  • Or: use the following links that will take you directly to the app: Google PlayApp Store
  • Install free capito app
  • Open capito app
  • Open the camera or photography icon in the top right corner
  • and use it to scan a QR code in the app.
  • Please note! You can onlyscan QR codes with thecapito symbol in the middle!


Scan a QR code in the memorial or exhibition "Value of Life" with the QR scanner.
Or: Scan a QR code with the capito app.

Here you will find various QR codes.
The first QR code on the right side takes you to the contents directory of the Hartheim Castle museum.
You can click any heading.
This will bring you to the page of the selected room.

By scanning the second QR code you come to the content directory of the “Value of life” exhibition at the Hartheim Castle museum.
You can click any heading.
This will bring you to the page of the selected room.

  • Read the text about this room in the original language.
  • Read the easy-to-understand text.
    To do this, select the symbol B1 in the upper right corner.
  • Read the A2 text. This is even easier to understand.
    To do this, select the A2 icon at the top middle.
  • Read the text in a foreign language.
    You can choose between English, French, Spanish, Polish or Italian.
    To do this, click on the small flag at the bottom left and select the language you would like.
  • Select the read-aloud function.
    This is the headphone icon at the bottom right.
    The read-aloud function is available in all languages and language levels.
  • If you would like to see the text in sign language,
    select the icon featuring two hands at the bottom right.
    You will then be automatically redirected to YouTube.