Foundation Capital

The revenue from the foundation capital serves exclusively to fund the work of Hartheim Castle – Place for Learning and Remembrance.

When raising further capital, the foundation frequently approaches the proponents and donors directly. In doing so, the foundation focuses on addressing individuals and institutions that fulfil their social responsibility in an exemplary way.

It also aims to obtain funding through fundraising events, donation campaigns and sponsoring.

The resources from contributions and donations are used as follows:

  • Maintenance and operation of the Place for Learning and Remembrance
  • Development or further development of education concepts and practical educational work for various target groups, such as school and university students and people in social or healthcare professions etc.
  • Historical research on the context, implementation and repercussions of the National Socialist euthanasia programmes
  • Research on the social situation of people with disabilities today and on the opportunities and dangers for such people that result from scientific and medical progress (with a focus on genetic engineering)
  • International Hartheim conferences
  • Provision of scholarly symposia
  • Publication of the findings of the work of the Place for Learning and Remembrance
  • Continued updating of the Hartheim Memorial Book
  • Support for relatives of euthanasia victims