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Concerning Corona and with consideration for vulnerable groups, we ask all visitors to wear mouth and nose protection (ideally an FFP2 mask) in the castle (masks are no longer compulsory in the castle from June 1, 2022); Visitors who take part in a guided tour are requested to carry out an antigen test or a PCR test before the visit.

The commemoration ceremony for the victims of Nazi euthanasia at the Memorial Site Hartheim Castle will take place on October 1, 2022 from 11 a.m.

Your Team from Memorial Site Hartheim Castle – Place for Learning and Remembrance


Memorial Site Hartheim Castle - Place for Learning and Remembrance

Hartheim Castle is located around 18 km west of Linz. The village of Hartheim belongs to the municipality of Alkoven in the Eferding district.

From 1940 - 1944 Hartheim Castle in was in use as a Nazi euthanasia institution. During this time, around 30.000 physically and mentally handicapped people, some residents of care homes, others imprisoned in Mauthausen, Gusen, Ravensbrück and Dachau concentration camps and deemed unfit to work and forced labourers were brought here and murdered. The rooms in which the crimes took place now form part of the Memorial. There is also a cemetery on the east side of the palace, where the remains of those who were murdered were buried in 2002.

Memorial Site Hartheim Castle - Place for Learning and Remembrance, which was opened in 2003, includes, the Memorial and the Exhibition "Value of Life".


Aktuelles und News

Jun 2022

Videos with biographies of the "Upper Austria Memorial Book" online

The new biographies of the "Upper Austria Memorial Book", which were presented on May 19, 2022 in the Schlossmuseum Linz, can now also be viewed online.

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Jun 2022

June 22 "Vjera Biller. Eine 'vergessene' Künstlerin [A 'forgotten' artist]" (book presentation and discussion)

Vjera Biller (*1903 in Đakovo, today Croatia, +1940 in Hartheim) belongs to a whole generation of "forgotten" female artists who celebrated great successes in the 1920s,…

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May 2022

New release: picture story "Ich zeichne Idas Wolke nach" ("I draw Ida's cloud")

In the recently published picture story, the illustrator Silke Müller from Linz tells of her examination of the Nazi history of Hartheim Castle and the life of the artist…

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