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Preparation and In-Depth Learning


Photo: Pupils watching infomation films in the exhibition room 'Attunement' Photo: Visitors in front of Hartheim Castle, bird's eye view

To make you visit to the memorial as meaningful and effective as possible, fundamental preparation and post-processing are of utter importance. In particular for school classes, the basic information about the exhibition and memorial should be dealt with, ideally in a multidisciplinary manner. This enables the previously acquired knowledge to be better embedded and allows for individual reactions to what is experienced.
In particular, we offer you various materials for preparation and post-processing:

  • '5 Wege nach Hartheim' (5 Routes to Hartheim): a DVD that accompanies five people with a disability from Linz to the Lern- und Gedenkort Schloss Hartheim. The film sequences are also shown in the 'attunement' part of the 'Wert des Lebens' (Value of Life) exhibition and represent a link to the topic of disability.
  • Library: a specialised library with approximately 4,000 volumes/media

For consultation on the topic of preparation and post-processing, please contact us. We will gladly provide you with assistance!

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