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Photo: Historic library, detail shot         Photo: Library, detail shot

The library of the Learning Facilities and Memorial Site at Hartheim Castle, which holds more than 4,000 volumes, offers works on every topic relevant to the institution. Books can be borrowed for a period of three weeks, which can be extended under certain conditions, though. Audio-visual media are also available for a great number of topics. To be issued a library pass, photo identification is necessary.


The historical part of the library is for reference purposes only and the books cannot be borrowed. We ask for your understanding that not every historical book can be viewed.

As preliminary information, please find a link below with an alphabetical list of all the media arranged according to call number. Please observe that the list is not updated on a daily basis.


The majority of the material is in German language.

Call numbers:

Arg – Magazine Argument
Asem – Anti-Semitism, Racism
AV – Audio-visual media
Beh – Disability
Bel – Fiction
Bio – Biographies
Div –Miscellaneous
Eth-Phil – Ethics, Philosophy
Eug – Eugenics
Eut – Euthanasia under National Socialism
Ges – History (general)
Ged – Remembrance
Ku – Arts
Med – Medicine
MedNS – Medicine under National Socialism
MuPäd – Museum education
NM – New medicine
NS – National Socialism
Out – Outreach programme
PB – Political education
Psy – Psychiatry, Psychology
SH – Euthanasia
Tät – Progress reports
VW – Persecution, Resistance
Z – Magazines (prefixed)
H –Historical works (prefixed) – these cannot be borrowed.

For any enquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Opening Hours

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