The victims were transported to Hartheim by bus. In the beginning, the busses arrived in the castle's courtyard itself; later, though, they arrived at the west side of the castle, where there was an exterior door. According to witness accounts, there was a wooden garage built directly adjacent to the wall of the castle at this location.
Now there are steel panels here that serve as an artistic version of the space. Two glass plates list the origins of the patients on the basis of a 'List of the German Institutions for the Mentally Ill and Feeble of Mind as of 31 September 1941' that was created by the T4 Organisation and utilised as a foundation for the planning of the campaign to murder the patients. The additional list of the countries of origin of those concentration camp prisoners murdered in Hartheim was re-constructed using the documents of the memorials in Mauthausen, Gusen and Dachau. 


Photo: Glass panels with the names of victims at the former place of arrival