Right after arrival, the patients were undressed by the castle's own care staff and taken to the reception room. A physician checked the patients' identities and made diagnoses based on a special assessment form. Most people were then photographed in the recess behind a makeshift wall; most of the files were later destroyed. Immediately afterwards, the victims were taken to the gas chamber.
The glass panels now list the names of round 23,000 people who were murdered in Hartheim. The names are not organised alphabetically or according to victim groups, but rather randomly. The team at the facilities gladly provides assistance to those looking for the names of relatives. Moreover, the room offers a cross-section taken from excavating one of the pits in 2001, which was taken from the castle gardens: here, it becomes evident how the personal effects of the victims in Hartheim were thrown in and buried layer by layer.


Photo: Glass panels in the former admission room