Memorial Plaques


Photo: Memorial plaques in the arcades

In the 1950’s, the next of kin of the victims of Hartheim, put up the first commemorative plaques in the arcades of the palace and on the outer walls of the rooms where the victims were killed. In 1969, a memorial room was created out of the former Admission chamber, and till 1999, some 40 commemorative plaques were put up here. Thus, a unique and 'home grown' monument of remembrance arose. Reading the plaques, one can see that more emphasis is laid on political victims, resistance fighters from the concentration camps who were killed in Hartheim in the 14f13 programme. It was only in the 1990’s that plaques were put up in remembrance of the handicapped who were murdered in the NS-Euthanasia programme.

The new concept saw all the plaques back in the arcades and on the outer wall of the crematorium.