What is everyday life like for people with a disability? This part of the exhibition, which was newly designed in 2007, invites visitors to look at what we normally avoid looking at. Even as small children, most people without disabilities are taught, 'Don't look'.

 Photo: Exhibition area 'Living with and without disability', detail shotThe purpose of the exhibition is to make it possible to take a look an find out - what is acutally the difference between people with and without disabilities? Is it really that big? How do people live with a disability?

 Photo: Exhibition area 'Living with and without disability', detail shotLarge-scale pictures complemented by informative texts are the focus of this part of the exhibition. Audio-visual media with subtitles, as well as sign language and easy reading texts, are to grant as large a visitor group as possiblie unlimited access to the contents of the exhibition. Personal details of the people portrayed remain unknown; they are performers, not exhibition pieces.