Unless otherwise mentioned, each e-Mail address is composed, as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mag. Florian Schwanninger


Tel.: +43 (0)7274 - 6536-547


Mag. Irene Zauner-Leitner

Deputy Director

Tel.: +43 (0) 7274 6536 544


Mag. Peter Eigelsberger

Deputy Director, Documentation Service

Tel.: +43 (0)7274 - 6536-574

E-Mail Director: personal Email consisting of first and last name 

E-Mail Documentation Centre: dokumentation(at)


Mag. Markus Rachbauer


Tel.: +43 (0)7274 - 6536 - 544


Mag. Simone Loistl

Projects, Library, Office

Tel.: +43 (0)7274 - 6536-546

E-Mail: office(at)



Silvia Hegrad

Shop, Cash desk

Tel.: +43 (0)7274 - 6536-570


Shop and cash desk on Sundays and holidays :

Christa Memersheimer

Susanne Rauchenzauner

Tel.: +43 (0)7274 - 6536-570


A team of trained educational staff is available to provide the educational offers:


Dr. Karin Brandstätter
Markus Burgstaller
Mag. Monika Gebetsroither-Hartl
MMag. Bernhard Groschupfer
Mag. Martin Hagmayr

Alexander Kleiß
Christa Memersheimer
Mag. Christina Müller
Mag. Michael Pammer
Mag. Markus Rachbauer
Nathalie Schaffer
Mag. Wolfgang Schmutz
Ursula Stelzer