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Outreach Programme 'Life Not Worth Living?'

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Photo: Open trunk of the mobile outreach progamme with several acrylic glass cubes containing original finds    Photo: Open trunk of the mobile outreach progamme with some documents and folders

'Lebensunwertes Leben?' (Life Unworthy of Life?) is a mobile medium that offers seven different modules at two levels in a case to work on and deal with the topics presented by Hartheim Castle.
Self-initiative, independent work and dealing intensively with historical events from the Enlightenment to contemporary times represent the focus here, whereas the individual fates of disabled people represent another. Depending on the skills and interests of the young people and the requirements posed by the lesson, all the modules can be done in any combination and correspond to the contents of the exhibition. Didactic suggestions support the associated and project-oriented work.

The initial point is the individual approach to the topic of the 'value of life'. Starting with how today's young people deal with disabled people, this topic is followed throughout the past. Using documents, photographs, certificates, objects, letters and medical histories, the life stories of the victims of euthanasia who were murdered at Hartheim Castle are re-created. The focus is a form of learning that makes young people sensitive to people and developments and enables them to deal with prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination in a critical manner. Quotes taken from literature and information cards about the turbulent history of the Renaissance Hartheim Castle, as well as the history of euthanasia, from its beginnings in antiquity to modern times, round off the programme.

Further information about the mobile programme and borrowing terms can be found here.

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