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Admission Fees

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Admission fees for the memorial site and the exhibitions
Admission to the memorial site: free
Admission to the exhibition "Value of Life":
Children and minors: € 2.00/person
Adults: € 3.00/person


Admission fees for tours
Tours (1.5 hours) incl. admission
Pupils as a class and groups from institutions for people with disabilities: € 3.00/person
Adults: € 5.00/person
Victims' Associations free
We gladly create individual programmes for you. The basic fee is the tour fee (€ 5.00/person) plus an additional € 1.00 per half hour - up to a maximum total fee of € 6.00/person.


 We will also gladly make our seminar rooms available to you for reflective dialogues or individual work. If you use the room for more than 30 minutes, we reserve the right to charge € 1.00 per person for the reservation and provision of the facilities.



Fees for the use of the seminar rooms
Individual use of the seminar rooms (longer than 30 minutes): € 1.00/person


The minimum group size is 6 adults or 10 minors. If a group is smaller, a fee of € 30.00 will be levied.


For tours outside of our normal opening hours, we charge an additional fee of € 50.00.


Voluntary donations are kindly appreciated.





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Blick in den Shop durch die Türe Büchersortiment im Shop


The shop offers literature on the topics touched in the exhibiton “Value of Life” and the memorial site. The majority of the books are in German. You will also find leaflets and brochures in various languages about Hartheim Castle as well as picture cards, candles, etc. We accept cash, debit card and credit card.


All items (except candles) can be ordered and shipped against advanced payment. The full list of available articles will be published on this site shortly. For your order please contact us.




Arrival and Parking

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You have the possibility to have a route planner display your particular travel route. Please enter your start address in the field above the red bar ('get route') and then click on the red bar.


Sufficient parking is available right next to the castle.




By car:


Coming from Linz on the B 129 and travelling towards Eferding, drive through Wilhering to Alkoven/Hartheim. Coming on the A 1 and travelling towards Salzburg, take the exit Traun and then continue through Pasching, Hitzing and Straßham until reaching Alkoven or take the B 133 via Hörsching, Kirchberg/Thening and Straßham to Alkoven. Coming on the A 1 and travelling towards Vienna, take the exit Allhaming and then continue through Weißkirchen/Traun, Marchtrenk and Oftering to Alkoven.


Using public transport:

Take the Linzer Lokalbahn (LILO, Linz’s Local Railway Service) to the stop Alkoven or Alkoven Schule and then take about a ten-minute walk to the castle. Further travel information and the schedule of the LILO can be found at http://www.stern-verkehr.at.


Contact Details

Lern- und Gedenkort Schloss Hartheim

tel +43 7274 6536-546
fax +43 7274 6536-548
email office(at)schloss-hartheim.at 

Our office is open:
Mon–Thu: 8.30–16.30
Fri: 8.30–13.00

Opening Hours

Mon and Fri: 9.00 – 15.00
Tue – Thu: 9.00 – 16.00
Sunday and holiday: 10.00 – 17.00
Saturday closed


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